Southern Twang Episode 4

January 31, 2019

Host Megan Whitworth sits down with mother and daughter duo, Kathy Murphy and Caitlyn Mares in the latest edition of the Southern Twang Podcast. Kathy and Caitlyn are behind Angels & Elves Ministry, a Houston County based organization that helps seniors and families, mostly during the holiday season, with having food on the table. Kathy even presents a challenge for listeners as the new year begins. Find Angels & Elves on Facebook @angelsandelves.

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Southern Twang Episode 3

November 23, 2018

In the latest episode of the Southern Twang Podcast, host Megan Whitworth sits down with Houston County Courier reporter Alton Porter. Going behind the scenes of what life is like for a journalist, Megan and Alton discuss his background, his favorite news articles to write, and Alton even shares some stories that didn't make the front page. Come along as we dive into who Alton Porter is, the person behind the byline. (Intro Music "Come Around Baby" © Keith Whitton) &...

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Southern Twang Episode 2

November 14, 2018

In the second episode of Southern Twang, host Megan Whitworth sits down with photographer and social media influencer Anne Brookshire. Anne travels around East Texas showcasing the people and places behind the Piney Woods on Instagram @amongthepinestexas. Get to know Anne, find out why she started Among the Pines, and learn some tips about growing your social media on the latest edition of Southern Twang. Intro Music "Come Around Baby" © Keith Whitton

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Southern Twang Episode 1

October 13, 2018

Houston County Courier Editor Megan Whitworth introduces her brand new podcast, and talks to local children's book author Scott McCall about publishing his first book.

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